Joke – United States

Joke- United States

“So a guy walks into the bar and orders a drink from the bartender. Sitting there and drinking, he looks over and sees a ten inch pianist. He calls the bartender over and asks where the little man came from. So the bartender tells him, that he found a lamp and genie came out of it. The genie told him that he would grant him one wish. So the guy goes, “so… you wished of a ten inch pianist?” and the bartender goes, “well… not exactly.””

Eric told me that he also learned this joke randomly from his friend in high school. It was probably sophomore year and probably from the same friend that told him the other bar joke. He said that they would tell a lot of random jokes to each other. He said he also really liked this joke and thought it was really funny. So it kind of just stayed with him all these years. He said that this was a joke that you had to say and not just read. He said that the punch of the joke is way funnier when it is told and not read.

It is kind of weird because I have also heard this joke before when I was younger and probably my sophomore year. However for my joke, the pianist was a twelve inch man. I really thought that this joke was funny when I was younger. It was kind of amusing how the genie mistaken a penis for a pianist. I remember that there were a lot of these word plays, sexual jokes during my childhood; especially during the beginning ages of sexual curiosity and puberty.

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