Drinking Game – Korea

Drinking Game- Korea

“A drinking game, I played while I was studying abroad in Korea was Titanic. Basically, you need a glass cup for beer, a shot glass and it has to be glass, beer, and soju. So what you do is you pour a glass full of beer and then put an empty shot glass on top of it ( you pour a little soju in the shot glass to stabilize it) . So everyone sit around in a circle and each person pours some amount of soju into the shot glass. They can pour as much or as little as they want; as long as they pour some amount. Whoever causes the shot glass to tip over, has to drink the glass full of beer and soju. That’s the end of the game but you play multiple rounds of it.”

Garam said that he learned this game in Korea when he went to study abroad this last fall, in 2007. He said that drinking was a big part of the Korea culture and that is how most people bonded. People in Korea bonded over drinks at bars and at people’s homes. He said he was over at some friend’s place in Korea one night and they wanted to play Titanic. He said that is when he learned about this drinking game.

I personally have never played this game but I have heard about this game before Garam told me about it. I actually was over at my friends place a couple of weeks ago and they wanted to play this game. My friends there were Korean. So they probably heard about this game from other friends that are Korean. Well, we wanted to play this game but the shot glasses they had were all plastic. And like Garam said, it really has to be glass. The plastic does not have enough weight to it so it does not sit bottom down. It just falls on to its side. So we never got to play the game. It seems like a fun game. It is somewhat like “Hot Potatoes”. You want to keep passing it along and not get caught being the last one.

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