Kaprielian Hall Ghost


The following informant is a 20-year-old American male student. I had a conversation with the said informant about campus ghost stories. The informant is an engineering student at the University of Southern California. The informant will be denoted as J and I will be C.

J: So when I was in 152, Physic 152. I had to go take my lab down in Kaprielian Hall. I heard this story from my TA whose verified it because he had felt the same phenomenon. So a lot of the labs are really late and the TAs will work late so when you’re walking in the hall by the machine shop you can hear the machines on and people making sounds and talking to each other. It is still really faint you can still hear it, but then when you walk over there everything is off and all the lights are off and you can’t see anything and all the sound is gone. So my TA was telling me about how he had been working late one night and all the people left from his lab, so it happened to him the week before. And started hearing these noises because we were like in the other side by where you pick up the materials. And then started hearing these thing like whirring and like thunk-a-thunk-a-thunking. And he walked over there and all the lights were off so he had to leave real fast and that’s the story of the Kaprielian Hall ghost.

Analysis: This reminds me of some of the other haunting/ghost stories that I have heard. The part that is particularly interesting is how the TA inserts himself into the legend to make it feel more real.