La Carne de Burro no es Transparente

Informant: My informant is my Mexican dad who grew up in Puebla, Mexico.

Main Piece: “La carne de burro no es transparente”

Transliteration: “donkey meat is not transparent”

Translation: “Donkey meat is not transparent”

Context: My dad stated that he heard this proverb in Mexico a lot whenever, he was in the way or when someone was in his way, he would say it. This proverb is told in order to tell someone to move out of the way. In other words, “excuse me,” but in a much vulgar way.

Analysis: I think this proverb can be problematic because it stems from fatphobia. Although it is proverb used to tell someone to get out in the way, it means to say it because you are telling the person that they are too “big.” It also emphasizes how in Mexican culture, when this is said it means that the person who said it to you has no time to deal with you. Therefore, you should move out of their way because they have a busy day. Therefore, emphasizes just hardworking Mexican people are.