Legend – El Salvador

Me contaba mi madre, que cuando ella era una adolecente, vivia en un pueblo donde tambien vivia una persona llamada El Cipitio. El Cipitio es un joven que esta muy enamorado de todas las muchachas. A ella (tu abuela) le tiraba flores y la seguia. Pero no solo a ella, sino a todas las otra muchachas del pueblo.  A la joven que le hacia

caso, la combertia en una mujer muy rica. Pero cuando esa se enamorada de otro hombre, El Cipitio se enojaba y la dejaba en peor pobreza.

My mom would tell me that when she was a teenager, she lived in a town where there also lived a person called El Cipitio. He was a young man in love with all the ladies. He would throw flowers and would follow your grandma. But not only your grandma, he also followed all the teens from the town. To the girl that would pay attention to him, he would give riches, but when she would fall in love with another man, he would get mad and leave her in a worst financial situation.

My mom told me that her mother, my grandmother, first told her this legend when she was about nine or ten years old. At the time, they were living in Cuscatancingo, El Salvador. She told me that my grandma had told her that this really happen to her. She also told me that this is a common legend in the area where they were living. In other parts of El Salvador, people say that El Cipitio is the son of La Siguanaba, another Salvadoran legendary figure. She said that this legend is usually told to kids of her age because is an interesting story and to give the advice to girls to be aware and not to pay attention to strangers. She believes that he really exists and that he is the son of La Siguanaba.

I think I would have to agree with my mom with this legend. It is a very interesting story and I believe it is also telling an important lesson. The lesson that is being portrayed in this legend is that woman should be faithful to their partners and if they aren’t, bad things will happen. In this case, girls are being left in a worst financial situation than at the beginning. I think it is great that they are telling kids these stories early on, so whenever they start dating they can look back and make better decisions because they are going to remember what El Cipitio did to girls that betrayed him. The story can be used in today’s society; whenever a marriage fails, people now usually go to court and try to separate their financial property. If the wife cheated, we see men brining them to court and trying to get as much money and property as possible. This legend should still be told to kids as it is part of their culture and delivers an important message.