Leyenda de la Pata Sola



A Latin American Legend of the Single-Footed Woman as told by a Colombian Immigrant from the city of Bogotá. 

“La Pata Sola era una mujer hermosa que jugaba con los hombres y su esposo le corto una pierna.  Ella escapó a la selva y la mujer juro vengarse de los hombres. Aparece en las noches cantando una voz celestial  que cautiva a los hombres jóvenes y viejos.  A veces grita pidiendo ayuda para que vengar a salvarla y los atrapa. Les saca la sangre y se esconde en la selva. Atrapa a los hombres y los desaparecen.”


The Single Footed woman was beautiful and she cheated on her husband, so he cut her leg off. She escaped into the jungle and swore revenge against all men. She appears in the nighttime, singing with a celestial timbre that captivates men, old and young alike. Sometimes, she screams for help so they come to save her. That’s when she traps them. She sucks out their blood and then she heads back into the jungle too hide. She traps men and they disappear.

-told by Ines Elvira Ortiz, during a meal.

Ines grew up hearing stories about la Pata Sola in Colombia. The above story is the version she remembers most clearly.

My thoughts: I find it interesting that Latin American legends often involve scorned women with vengeful and succubus like tendencies. I guess it could be viewed as a misogynistic trope but I could be wrong and it could be out of reverence for the powerful alpha female.