Milton and the Mason Temple

  1. “One time a few friends and I went to Manteca and went to some random ass party and got very drunk and a friend goes “Hey want to go to Milton?” and apparently Milton was this city out by Calaveras and there were 5 residents on the census but if you ever go you’ll only ever see 1 person sitting on a rocking chair on a porch holding a shotgun in front of a white masonic church. They say that the church was used to torture people and beyond the church there’s a field with a portal to hell so if you throw something back there like a beer can or some bottle one night it’ll be gone the next morning. So they went, a friend and I were there waiting in the car for them to come back and they come running back and we left but they never said why. This was my junior year of high school. Last year there was a news piece saying that church burnt down and there’s not trace of it, but the high schoolers say that it’s even more haunted now because the ghosts of the people who were tortured in that church were released so they’re wandering the streets of Milton.”
  • She knows this story because of personal experience of watching her friends come back spooked by something there, even if she isn’t sure what that is
  • She did however learn of these scary things happening from her friend who encouraged her to go and see this small town
  • Context: we were reminiscing together about the old stories people used to tell back at the high school we went to together, and the one of the Masonic temple is a big one at school.
  • I think it’s really interesting, this version of the story. What I normally hear is that people will go in the middle of the night and try to get as close to the building as possible, touch it, and go running back to the car. However, this is the first time I’ve heard mention of an old man and a shotgun, or of the census of five but only one present individual. I also feel like these sorts of stories taking place in nearby cities are a product of the classic high school student trying to one up the others by doing something especially daring or stupid. I for one never really tried these things but I have been told that it’s something I need to try at least one time in my life.