The Jade Bracelet

  1. My friend when she was little was wearing a jade- a jade bangle on her left wrist I think, and a gold bracelet on the right. Her mom never told me what that meant… or if it had any significance or anything, but she also remembers like, reading a novel and- with a Chinese American protagonist and it said… it’s suppose to bring wealth to the child in the future. And you have to like take off the bangle… before it gets too small for your wrists.”
  • She knows this because she needed to collect folklore for a project and this happened to be something she learned during the process
  • She learned this from a friend of hers that she interviewed for the project
  • It’s just another Chinese folk belief of how to ensure prosperity for your children
  • The context of the performance is that she and I were merely discussing the different types of folklore we’ve found over the last several weeks.
  • I think it’s interesting how much of an emphasis is put onto making sure children have their best chance at the future in East Asian cultures.