Moon Cake rebellion legend

“In China, people were unhappy about the Mongol rule of China and wanted to overthrow them. They were the tyranny society, and were hard to get organized. I think the people in charge were Zhu…Yuangzheng and Liu Bowen. That’s not even a Chinese name haha. Anyway on mid-Autumn festival, the people who wanted to rebel gave out moon cakes and slipped messages that said a weapon and day to meet. Then that day, the farmers and civilians banded together on that day and overthrew the king. Since then there’s been the lunar festival which has moon watching and moon cakes still. And a moon cake is a pastry that has red bean, crust, lard, and I think lotus seed paste.”

China is a strongly nationalist country and its steadfastness to maintain its current identity may come from how many past  invasions and changes of rule they had to go through. If the moon cake story is true, it was a clever way for the vast population of China, that stretches over miles of land, to come together. Keeping the tradition of the moon cake as part of the celebrations is another symbol of the current Chinese identity as one sole nation.