The other day I was filling up my car with gas and I started talking to the station worker who was trying to fix a broken nozzle.   The man initiated the conversation by telling me, “hey man your’e fillin’ up at the wrong time”.  Not knowing what he was talking about, I asked him what he meant.  The man went on to explain to me that if you want to save money on gas you should fill up in the morning.  The reason for this being that when it’s cold outside the gas you pump in your car is thicker, but as it warms up, it will expand.

He went on to explain to me other money saving tips such as always fill your tank when it is half full.  Explaining that this does not allow air to settle in the tank, which can evaporate some of the gasoline.  The final tip the man gave me was to “never, and I mean never” hold the trigger to the high setting when filling up.  Telling me that the on the highest setting air bubbles flow in the gasoline and causes you to get less pure gas per gallon.

While the man had believable reasons for his gasoline tips I am not sure I believed all of them.  These gas myths have come in existence the past year or so as the price of gas can reach over four dollars a gallon in some areas.  The man had no reason to lie about anything he said and he is much more knowledgeable on gasoline the common person.