Nationality: American

Primary Language: English

Other language(s):  Spanish, a bit of Hebrew

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Residence: California

Performance Date: 3-17-18

What it is: Names into the Fire

“At Santa Barbara Middle School, SBMS, we went on these outdoor trips three times a year. Every night we would have a campfire and sing songs, tell stories from the day, and discuss tomorrows activities. Before we were dismissed for bed, we would be asked if we wanted to put anyone’s name into the fire. This was a tradition from the very first campfire. You would stand up and say ‘I want to put (whoever it was) name in the fire’ and explain why. Most of the time it was a person who was encouraging or made you laugh, etc. Then at the end of the night the ash from the fire was collected and put into a jar. That very ash (that had been collected since the first fire) was then used in the fire the next day.”

Why they know it:  A tradition they partook in

When is it said: After every campfire

Where did it come from: SBMS

Why it’s said: Its done to incorporate those that came before us. All the memories, names, adventures they went on that are in so many ways similar to the ones just stated.

How they know it and what it means: Koby partook in this over four years.

Thoughts: Having also partaken in this activity, I believe its almost like having a scrapbook. We didn’t need to see the people or hear their words to understand what was being continued and conveyed. There is a deeper history that is being conveyed when this is done.