No one owes you anything

Interviewee: “The idea that no one owes you anything and there isn’t an overarching power or system that prevents you from getting what you want to achieve”

Interviewee: “and it’s always your fault”

Interviewer: Where did you hear this and what is its’ significance?

Interviewee: “everytime I tell my mom something didn’t go my way…she says its your fucking fault, and don’t blame anyone else for something that didn’t go your way”

Interviewee: “…and its significant because now we live in a time where victim blaming is not allowed and when something doesn’t go someone’s way it’s always someone else’s fault.

Interviewee: “people lack accountability and responsibility for their own decisions and how they approach solving their problems and I think this is why Asians fare well in America’s capitalism structure. if you work hard, if you try, if you don’t blame other people for putting you down, then you’ll naturally come out on top because Capitalism has no color but green…but when you persist on saying that there are people holding you down…and focus on why people, not you, don’t let you achieve what you want then you naturally prevent yourself from doing what you want to do and it’s significant because it instills resilience, perseverance and that you control your life.”