“Nothing scratches your itch like your nails” – Arabic Proverb


He heard this proverb when he was a kid, in Jerusalem. He would hear it being said when someone asks for help, but the helper does not do it the way the person wanted it done.


Original Script: ما حك جلدك الا ضفرك

Transliteration: Ma hack jildak illa dofrak

Literal Translation: Nothing scratches your skin like your nails

Smooth Translation: Nothing scratches your itch like your nails


When he said this proverb out loud today (when I forgot to complete something he asked me to do), I quickly wrote it down. It reminded me of the English proverb “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Proverbs generally give advice in indirect ways, and this proverb does so by giving a comparison: it is much more efficient to scratch your own itch than to ask someone else to do it; you would have to tell them where and how hard to itch.