Office Ghost

Main Piece:

Participant – “So when my grandparents passed away my mom basically cleaned out their house, and so she was in my grandpa’s office like cleaning up his stuff and it was like kind of a creepy office and like no one was allowed in there except for him obviously… and, um… she said that like she like looked away for a second and she looked back and she saw like this like…it looked like a person but it was like all black and kind of like creepy and looked like some sort of like demon spirit, (laughs) …so there’s that, but you know”                 


My friends and I were discussing the different ghost stories that we have encountered over our lives or any personal encounters with the supernatural. The participant shared this ghost story with us.


The participant is a freshman accounting major at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She grew up in Seattle, Washington where her family still currently lives. This ghost story was experienced by the participants mother than passed on to her.           


This is another situation where the participants account came from a close family member. In this case however, it was a loved one’s passing that prompted the supernatural encounter. This makes the story more disturbing as the participants mother described the ghost as looking almost demon like. When referencing a passed love one, we usually hope to picture them as almost angelic so it is an interesting encounter that could be perceived as almost negative.