PJ Inside Out And Backwards


LR: “Every time you want a snow day you have to put your PJs on inside out and backwards.”


Where LR grew up, snow days were common. She would usually get 2/3 per year. She doesn’t remember where she heard this superstition for the first time but remembers doing it all through school. LR even does this when she wants a snow day off of work. She eventually passed this down to her children, who now do this as well. LR really believes in this superstition. As a result, she only puts her PJs on inside out for special occasions. When you put your PJs inside out and backwards, that makes the magic even more powerful.

My Interpretation:

I think this is a really cool piece of folklore and reminds me of a rain dance. It is a performance that individuals can put on to take control of the elements. Snow days are special events. Thus, it makes sense that a special ritual is necessary in order to get one.