Proverb – Korean

Proverb – Korea

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After you lose the cow, you fix the stable.”

Bada describes this proverb as “doing something you’re supposed to do but too late.” It is reserved for those times when someone just tries to mend something too late. He would not use this proverb under normal circumstances, since situations do not often arise when it could be used effectively. But if a situation does arise, Bada says that he would use it. He learnt the proverb from his parents, who use it.

I have never heard this proverb before, or a proverb similar to it. However, I do feel it is wise. Often people tend to leave things off to the last moment and then moan over failure. When it comes to relationships, this would be an ideal proverb, don’t try to be nice to a girlfriend after she leaves you, be nice while you have her! I would not personally use it mainly because I don’t speak Korean and I don’t feel it is necessary to point out someone’s mistakes.