Proverb – Peru

“Perro que Ladra no muerde”

“Dog that Barks does not bite”

“Dog that Barks does not bite”


Laura Moreno was born in the small town of Huaraz on the foothills of the Andes Mountain Range. She was the youngest of five children. She grew up in the city, but would spend time on their farm that was a short distance away.

Laura learned most of the proverbs she knows from family and friends, usually her grandparents. Laura uses this proverb to describe someone who talks and talks and talks, but never does anything. She relates this to politicians or someone with lots of ambition, but does nothing with it. She considers these people lazy. If someone has good ideas, then he or she should at least do something with them.

I agree with Laura that someone that talks and talk and talk is harmless. They in other words may talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk. This proverb reminds me of a similar saying I heard growing up.

She’s got enough tongue for ten rows of teeth.

This was usually said in a southern accent. The saying implies that she has enough to say for at least ten people. This would be said towards someone that talks a lot, but has nothing to back it up her claims or promises.

I find it rather interesting that a person that talks too much was compared to a dog that barks too much. However, if a dog is too busy barking at its prey, it will not have the opportunity to catch it (by biting it). Similarly, if a person spends too much time talking a new innovation or idea up, there is no time left to actually do the task at hand.