Remedy – Russian

Fever remedy

One remedy to cure a fever is to put chopped potatoes or chopped onions in the socks of the person who is ill.  To make one, put the chopped onion or potato in small pouch and place it in a sock on the sole of the foot.  Fit the sock on the foot, so that the pouch stays securely in place on the sole. Sleep overnight with the sock on the foot.

My informant learned this remedy from her mother when she was a toddler.  Her mother would always use this remedy whenever my informant had a fever.  The potatoes draw out toxins and are a good source of moist heat, while onions improve circulation and clears congestion with their smell.  My informant’s mother learned this remedy from her father.

My informant says she knows of many people who use this remedy, not just Russians.  She has African-American friends whose parents swear by this remedy as well as American friends who use this remedy also.

This remedy is usually passed down from parents to their children. However, my informant has heard people learn this remedy from nannies or housekeepers who took care of them as children.

My informant believes that this remedy helps and continues to use it today when she has a fever.