Remedy – Russian

When you have a bump on your head, put a penny on it and the bump will go away.

My informant grew up with this remedy in Kazakhstan, and her father used it on her since she was a toddler.  My informant’s father learned this remedy from his own father, a Russian doctor, who used this remedy on him when he was a child.  Although she grew up with this remedy in Russia, she does not typically use it in America unless she is around her father.  She says she has not bumped her head in years and no longer has much use for this remedy.

My informant says that this remedy is mainly used by Russian parents for their children because children are more likely to bump their heads than any other age group.  Children often play outside and are not as careful as those who are older.

My informant believes that this remedy works because the penny is cold, and putting something cold on an inflammation reduces the inflammation.  She thinks this remedy is better than putting ice on a bump because the penny sticks to the bump, so you can have your hands free.

My informant says that Russians use this remedy because of its natural healing.  Russians are more likely to use a natural remedy as opposed to a medical one.  Also, this remedy is used mainly by the Russian middle- or lower-class because they do not have the financial ability to afford more expensive medical treatments.