Around the World

Around the World is a game/riddle.  The object of the game is to figure out the trick to the game so that you can actually participate.  I learned this game from my friend Mikey while we were driving up to San Francisco for the SC/Cal football game.  Mikey said , “Alright, we’re going to go around the world and were going to start in Alaska.  Then we’ll go to Rome, but we can’t go to Greece.  After that we can’t go to California but we can go to Oregon.”  The game continues on this way and the people playing are supposed to figure out the game.  The trick is that the first letter of each place you go to has to spell out the phrase “Around the World”.  That’s why you can start in Alaska, or Annapolis, or Australia, or any place that starts with the letter A.  Then you can go to any place that starts with the letter R.  In addition the place you choose to go to can be anywhere.  It can be as broad or specific as you want; from a continent to a restaurant or even a particular person’s house.

Mikey is from Huntington Beach, CA and said he learned the game form a friend from home.  He says he played the game with us to help pass the time in the what we all knew was the beginning of very long car ride to San Francisco, especially because we got caught in the downtown LA rush hour traffic.  Mikey says that likes the game and remembers it because when he first played the game or had it taught to him he was able to figure out the trick to the game on his own and didn’t have to have someone else explain it to him.  I can understand why that makes the game more special or meaningful because I personally can never figure out these types of riddle games and always end up asking the person to tell me the trick to the game.  But I’m sure I’d remember one if I ever did figure it out on my own.

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