Right eye and Left eye twitch

Allegedly our Moroccan family has this thing passed down in the family where the right eye twitches, it is a good sign, but if our left eye twitches it is a bad sign.

Informant is born in Morocco…

Analysis: My cousin’s had his left eye twitch and freaked out so he chose not to believe in it…Therefore, I think it could lead into paranoia but, personally, it has passed down to me (I am American), and it predicted numerous things. For example my left eye twitched and then I had an argument with my friend. But it has to also follow with a gut instinct because sometimes it twitches and barely anything happens and perhaps thats just a physiological response rather than a response of intuition. It has to be connected to a twinge of intuition. As I am writing this my right eye twitches so it gives me the suspicion that I am correct in this analysis.