Russian Fortune Telling

A friend of mine in class offered to read me my fortune. I was ecstatic to have her read me my fortune–which she says is legitimate due to her Gypsy heritage–and when she came she had a deck of cards neatly wrapped in cloth and a little book. “I use playing cards that have never been played with before, or else it won’t work.” I didn’t ask her why it needed to be specifically unplayed cards, but before I had the chance to she had formed a star out of playing cards. She told me to use the four that formed a cross first and pick a direction, explaining to me that one of the four is destined to occur. After I finished that, she told me to go the other way and pick the remaining cards, which looked like an X. She said the same thing about how only one will actually occur, but explained that two may be intertwined together. Each time a row of cards was revealed, she would look into the little book she had and read their interpretations which depended on the order of cards and whether one was upside down or not. I asked her where she got the meanings from, and she said she had collected them over the years from her grandmother and compiled them into the little book. Amazed that she’s been able to do that, she read me my fortune (which only had one positive fortune each) which didn’t look good. So I took it with a grain of salt and thanked her for giving me my fortune. Let’s hope none of it happens.Russian Fortune Telling