Sabado de Gloria is  whole week or two weeks I believe. This tradition is from Jerez, Zacatecas Mexico. It’s dedicated to Holy Week, Everyday is a different day for a religion which is Catholicism and dedicated to Jesus Christ. It is Special to my pueblo because its a special pueblo   its considered a magic pueblo. And do do it because I like the relay JustFab is turned into like a little Advanced more like you can go out and have fun and do the bunch of like musicians and stuff like that. People from all parts of Mexico come over and enjoy all of the festivities like a carnival in the fair. You can ride horses in different parts of the city either a bunch of music and decisions it gets really crowded they have pinatas which is like symbols of the different  disciples. When one of the disciples Betrayed Jesus He hung himself so it’s a representation of bringing the disciple  in piece. They turned it into a positive thing but have a religious meaning behind it. Sacrifices to remember him and his sacrifice for us.

My family is involved with the fair they sell alcohol they sell food and tacos and one of my uncles has a ranch of horses so they will take their horses and start making them dance and dress all coach cultural and with traditional suits.  The dances are tamborazo and banda. The guys dress in Charro suits and the girls  where  traditional dresses but different because they like to ride horses. On fridays they have a reenactment of jesus carrying the cross all the way to church and everyone goes into church and celebrate. Sabado de gloria is a mix of culture and relgion of Jerez Zacatecas


Background info

Since the informant is from here he really feels close to this event from his hometown because he goes every year to celebrate it with his family and brings him closer to his culture and his religion. This tradition that happens is very important to that specific town and it makes him feel proud of where he’s from and that part of Mexico. This event is really meaningful to him not just because he gets to be close to his hometown but also to celebrate with everybody from the town and get to know them as well.



Sabado de gloria is huge in zacatecas and has elongated because it has become very touristy

According to a cultural website “ hundreds of riders travel the main streets of the city proudly wearing the charro suit and inviting women to ride their horses and take a walk. The importance of this party is such, that you can find riding or in some tapanco to personalities of the political or artistic life of national level that adorn us with their presence.”