Sangeet Dancing

Collection: Indian wedding dances – bride’s side

The interview began with a broad opening question about Indian weddings. The informant went on to describe the two-day event. The first day is called Sangeet which takes place in a venue where a reception might take place. However, this portion of the event is before the official ceremony. On this first day, there are many different dance performances and skits from both sides of the family. Most of the performances are from the bride’s side to “show the groom what he is getting himself into…what kind of family that he is getting into.” There are dances for the sibling, aunts, children, friends, and more.

Context: Dances are performed by different sides of the family on different days of the wedding.

Interpretation: Folk dancing takes on many meanings, purposes, and forms. In India, the bride’s family dances to symbolize the joining of two families. The Sangeet dancing is almost an introduction to her side of the family.