Slab of Clay Pickup Line

Text: “Are you a slab of clay? Cause I’d love to throw you down on a hard surface and pound you repeatedly.” 

Context: S.T. is unsure of where he first heard this pickup line. He is familiar, however, with the format of it and has heard other variations of the “Are you a ____? Because I want to _______,” pickup lines. He understands it to be a “sexy, fun, NSFW pickup line.” 

Analysis: This pickup line follows a common structure for many other pickups lines: “Are you a ____? Because I want to _______.” Although I had never heard this variation, I understand that it is used to imply that one person is sexually interested in/is making  sexual advantages toward another person. I understand it to have a light-hearted use, more in a joking manner, rather than a serious use.