Story of Christmas Eve (as told by Caitlin)

We don’t really do this anymore, because my brother and I grew up. But when we were little kids we would go to church for Christmas. We were too little to go to midnight mass. We would put out milk and cookies for Santa and the Christkindle, which is the Christ child who we were told brings us our gifts. But because we grew up in Liechtenstein we knew both about Santa and the Christkindle. And also carrots and water for the reindeer. We would put them just outside the door of the patio. We would go into my parents room and my mom would read us this story she would read every Christmas eve. It was called I believe “One Wintery Night,” it was one of those cute books that was hand drawn. We would be cuddled up on her bed and my mom would be reading the stories to my brother and me. Notice how my dad wasn’t there haha. Mom would tell us he was working. All of a sudden we would here one of the bells on the Christmas tree ring. That meant Santa had come. And we run downstairs and the presents would be there and we were so excited. We would open the window and yell “Thank you Santa and Chirstkindle.” Now as an adult I realize it was my dad the whole time.

  1. Were you ever suspicious that it was your dad?

Not when we were kids. I guess we really believed my dad was working that late on Christmas Eve.

My Thoughts:

It’s interesting how family traditions can be blended from more than one place. For example Santa, a quite American tradition and Christkindle, a tradition from Liechtenstein. It’s cute how these kids were so excited that Santa had come. I personally believe in educating kids to reality sooner rather than later, but I suppose I can see the merit in letting them believe in the magic of Christmas.