Norwegian Christmas

Well…all of my mom’s side of the family is Norwegian. Norway and Scandinavian traditions are actually quite dark. SO for example, one of the traditions we always do, is my mom always like to say the tradition of Santa Claus in the Norwegian manner. It’s very different… I don’t really remember it. But Santa looks very different in like his look and his style. I think he wears elk boots. My mom has a pair of elk boots she likes to put on display. We also have a Norwegian accordion. So that’s always fun to play around Christmas time. I’ve attempted to play it but I’m not really that good. But every year we play it and dance to polka.


  1. Do you ever play the accordion for any other occasions?

Not really, it’s just a Christmas thing.

  1. Are the boots for human feet, made of elk fur, or are they for elk hooves?

I think they’re human boots. They kind of look like elf boots in that they’re pointed at the toe.

My Thoughts

Every culture has different traditions for Christmas.   American traditions really idealize Santa Claus in the red suit and the white beard. But the reason for that is actually the Coca Cola Company. They were the ones who dressed Santa as that.   Many other cultures might dress him very differently. Also, elk v. reindeer, is there really a massive difference there? I’m intrigued that polka is the type of music they listen to and dance to around Christmas time