Story of Purim

Type: Legend

  1. “The story of Purim, from the Jewish faith, is actually a legend. It was written down in the book of Ester, in the Migillah, but there is no official author and there is no evidence to that this actually happened. It goes like this: the Jews got to Persia as prisoners in Babylon around 500 BCE, when the Babylonians destroyed the temple. When they did this they took many of the Israelites to Babylon as captives. Then, Babylon was captured by the Persians. Now Jews were under the rule of Persia. The King Asaverosh of Persia married Ester and she became the queen. He didn’t know she was Jewish. He had a prime minister, Haman. Haman decided he wanted to kill the Jews of Persia. Mordechai, Esters cousin, found out about Haman plans and told Ester to tell Asaverosh that she is Jewish, and all about Haman’s plans—she should ask him to stop. She did, and she saved the Jews of Persia from being killed. We celebrate Purim by wearing masks and costumes, we sing songs about how bad Haman is, how great Ester is.”
  2. I obtained this piece of folklore from my grandfather Don, although I am familiar with the story myself. Don was born in 1932, and his whole life has been very active in the Jewish community. Don has also been actively Jewish his whole life, and cares deeply about his faith. Don learned this story through his Jewish upbringing, learning it from Rabbi’s and family.
  3. This is a piece of Jewish folklore, and is the story behind the Jewish holiday of Purim. The story celebrates Jewish perseverance, survival, as well as Jewish pride. Every Jewish individual knows this story, or at least knows of it, as it is a very important holiday in the Jewish faith.
  4. I do not know if I believe that this actually happened, but I like to say I do. Apart of being Jewish is hearing all about the different times other populations tried to annihilate the Jewish people, and it’s nice to hear that this time it had a happy ending for the Jewish people.