Superstition – Vietnamese

A green octagon called Bua Bat Quai always hung outside the front of my house near the rooftop to keep bad luck and spirits away.

My informant first heard about this superstition as a young adult.  My informant’s parents had this green octagon sign in front of their house as well.  My informant’s parents told her that this octagon called a Bua Bat Quai was put on the front of the house to keep spirits away.  This green octagon was also there to keep bad luck away from the house and the family.  My informant’s believed that this green octagon was a form of protection for the house and the family.  With the green octagon in front of the house, nothing bad or evil could enter.  No harm would be done to the family.  Therefore, when my informant went home, she felt protected because she felt as if the Bua Bat Quai was helping protect her and her family.

As my informant got married, her parents gave her a Bua Bat Quai to put in front of her house.  Therefore, growing up we always had this sign in front of our house.  As I was growing up, my informant told me the same thing her parents told her.  The green octagon was there to protect our family and house from bad and evil things.  Spirits would not be allowed in the house and bad luck would be kept away as well.

Many other cultures also have symbols or things that keep spirits or bad luck away.  For example, in the Native American culture people hang dream catchers in their room next to their bed.  The dream catcher is there so that while a person sleeps, no bad dreams can come that person’s way.  Therefore, the dream catcher only allowed a person to have good dreams and not have any nightmares.