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Dumb Blonde Joke

“Ok so this blonde just got kicked out of her village for being too stupid and blonde, well for being stereotyped that’s it she got kicked out for being blonde, so she got kicked out for being stereotyped, and as she was leaving the town she was walking by a cornfield and she saw, wait are you there, (to me) another blonde who was rowing a boat in a cornfield. So she yells at the other blonde from the road and she says “Gosh, you’re so stupid, why are you rowing a boat in a cornfield?” It’s because of you that I got kicked out of town. If I could swim, I would swim out there and kill you. ”- Collected March 22nd 2013, from a 17-year-old girl from a suburb in Colorado. the joke was in circulation among her friends in the local high school. Ironically, the informant was blonde.