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Rings predicts the gender of a baby

Background: The informant has a daughter. LR: There is some belief that if you put a ring on a piece of string and you hold it over a pregnant woman’s belly, it spins or swings, and if it swings it’s a girl and if it spins it’s a boy. We did it because our baby… Continue Reading »

Knocking on Wood

Main Content: M= Me, I= Informant M: So you said you grew up with a lot of fairy folklore? I:  Yeah, um, you know like the knock on wood, that’s the most common one. M: so what’s… what’s the background behind that? What happens if you don’t knock on wood? You know, why is it knock… Continue Reading »

Modern Practices of The Winter Solstice

Informant: I researched it and made it our own, and it changes constantly every year, but that’s to be expected. I’ve always done solstice when we were out here (America) because we were otherwise going back to England for Christmas and we didn’t want to go schlepping (moving) all the presents back, so we starting… Continue Reading »