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The Legend of The Lindworm

Performed Piece:Once upon a time in a far off kingdom there ruled a king and queen, who were plagued by a terrible sadness. They mourned the fact that they could not have a child. One day the queen went for a walk in her garden. There she sat and cried. A witch appeared before her,… Continue Reading »

El Cucuy – “Boogeyman” Creature in Mexican Folklore

The Cucuy, I’m not really quite sure what it is, um, but, usually, uh, when like children are acting like- out of like the norm, like when they’re misbehaving uh parents will be like “oi, there comes the cucuy!” Like he’s gonna come eat you if you don’t stop being a bad person, um…and it’s… Continue Reading »

Lake Champlain Monster: Champ

Piece: “So, there’s this lake in the northeast called Lake Champlain, and people who live around the lake say that there’s a monster similar to the Loch Ness monster who occupies the lake, and the name of this monster is Champ. There have been multiple sightings ever since people have come to America, and people… Continue Reading »

Barn Monster

Main piece: DM: You remember the Shed Monster story, right? JH: You mean the one Zurbier or whatever his name told? DM: Yeah! The Dutch fella that lived up the hill from you guys JH: OH! Yeah, the Barn Monster. First time he told us was around the bonfire back behind my place. Scared me… Continue Reading »