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Καλαματιανός/Kalamatianos (Song)

DESCRIPTION Καλαματιανός (Kalamatianos) is a greek folk song that is performed alongside a folk dance with the same name. It is performed in a faster Syrtos, 4/4 rhythm.  It is commonly performed at festivals, parties, and Greek nightclubs. “Καλαματιανός is a song with loose instrumentation, but more consistent lyrics that we’d dance to back in… Continue Reading »

Καλαματιανός/Kalamatianos (Dance)

DESCRIPTION Καλαματιανός (Kalamatianos) is also a greek folk dance that is performed alongside the folk song with the same name.  It is to be performed in a faster Syrtos, 4/4 rhythm.  It is, like it’s musical counterpart, performed at festivals, parties, weddings, and Glendis (Greek Nightclub parties). “It [Καλαματιανός (Kalamatianos)] is also the most basic… Continue Reading »

Spitting at Greek Weddings

MAIN PIECE “That common stereotype that Greeks spit at brides down the wedding aisle you see in [My] Big Fat Greek Wedding, although exageratted, is based in truth.  More in Greek-Greek culture than in Greek-American culture, you will see people spit on the bride, not walking down the aisle, but while she gets ready.  Also… Continue Reading »

The Greek Egg Tradition

G: I can start with Easter since that just happened. One of the main traditions is the boiling of these red eggs. And the red is supposed to represent the blood of Jesus when he was crucified- and you crack them with other people after doing a set of sayings: one person says “Christ is… Continue Reading »