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The Greek Egg Tradition

G: I can start with Easter since that just happened. One of the main traditions is the boiling of these red eggs. And the red is supposed to represent the blood of Jesus when he was crucified- and you crack them with other people after doing a set of sayings: one person says “Christ is… Continue Reading »

Coffee Grinds – Predict the Future?

The informant was telling me how Greeks used the dregs from coffee grinds to read the future: Informant: In some cultures they read tea leaves, but in some cultures they read coffee grinds. Me: huh Support: dregs from the coffee Informant: They took the dregs turned over a little cup and turned it three times,… Continue Reading »

Greek Easter Bread

The informant was sharing an important Greek Easter tradition within her family: *Names are reduced to initials Me: Can you tell me about the Easter bread you make? Informant: Tsoureki is a traditional Greek Easter bread that’s prepared during Greek Easter week. It’s usually braided and the red eggs go into it. It’s all we… Continue Reading »


Interviewer: Can you tell me about the greek dance the Sirtaki? AH: Yeah, that’s probably the most famous greek dance people always are performing it at celebrations and stuff. Interviewer: What type of celebrations is it performed at? AH: you can see it at a lot of stuff like holidays, parades, birthdays, just whenever there… Continue Reading »

Protection Against Compliments and the Evil Eye

Informant: The informant is Aliki, an eighteen-year-old young woman who grew up in Yonkers, New York. She is a freshman at Concordia University in Irvine, California. She is of Greek descent. Context of the Performance: We sat on the floor of my dorm room at the University of Southern California when Aliki visited me during… Continue Reading »