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22 Off Ramp in Garden Grove

KT: We took this trip to Garden Grove, and they say if you drive by at night don’t take the off ramp to Brookhurst on Garden Grove because there will be an accident. And I remembered getting told that while driving there and for some reason I decided to take a detour instead. And like a minute after I turn off I hear 2 cars crash, it was spooky! It could have been me man!

Me: What did they tell you about the ramp?

KT: They say there was a woman who had a kid in the car when she got in an accident, and the kid died, so now she wanders around the area looking for her kid or something. Or she’s looking for the people who killed her kid, or something like that. My professor told me about some people driving by there who saw a woman trying to cross the road, but they can’t see her until the last second, so they slow down late and stop right in the intersection.

Me: It was already known for accidents?

KT: It used to be, yield to left turn off the freeway, so people coming off at night don’t think there’s anyone driving by there. They changed the layout there, and also that thing I said about visibility. You can’t see people crossing there.

The following article is one of many describing actual accidents that happen at that off-ramp. The stories exist to warn people away from driving in the area, because it is legitimately dangerous due to impractical ramp design.