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The Haunted Virginia Apartment Unit Pt. 1

Informant: This story was a bit before my 2007 baby doll story (I was around 7 years old). So I was laying in bed by myself playing with Webkinz. Parents were outside smoking on the porch. I was always by myself when these things would happen. I called my superhero Webkinz “Webkinzanator” (bad name I… Continue Reading »

Ghost stories at Christian camp (Dolly)

INFORMANT: OOH girl I got a ghost story. You’ve probably heard it. I feel like everyone’s heard it.   ME: What is it?   INFORMANT: The Dolly story.   ME: Oh my god yes I have heard it! Tell me your version.   INFORMANT: Okay so according to the story there was once this little… Continue Reading »