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Milagro de Santo Nino de Plateros

Milagro De Santo Nino De Plateros

“estaba yo en la sierra solo lejos de la casa y en eso que mi caballo se atoro en una fosa. No habia manera de sacarlo, y el caballo no se podia parar porque estaba comletamente atorado. Si no lo sacaba pronto, se me hiba a morir, entonces lo que hise fue de pedirle un milagro al santo  nino de plateros, le dije ‘ay ninito santo de plateros, porfavor consedeme este milagro, te lo pido de todo Corazon. Ayudame a salvar a mi pobre aniamlito y te prometo llevarte flores y una vela a tu altar’ y no me la van a creer que le amarre un lazo al caballo, y lo saque sano y salvo. Asi que ahora yo le doy muchas gracias al ninito de plateros porque me consedio ese milagro muy grande.”

“I was in the mountain range alone and far from home and then my horse fell into a pit. There was no way I could get it out and it couldn’t get out itself because it was completely stuck. If I didn’t get it out soon, it would die, so what I did was to ask for a miracle from the “Santo Nino de Plateros”, I told him “oh holy baby of plateros, please grant me this miracle, I ask this with all my heart. Help me save my poor animal and I promise to take you flowers and a candle to your altar” and you’re not going to believe me but I tied a rope to the horse and I got him out safe and sound. So now I am very grateful towards the holy baby of plateros because he granted me with that very big miracle.”

The informant is an 85 year old male who has lived all his life in Mexico. He has been brought up on tales of the land. He never attended school, so all his knowledge has been passed down by his parents and other family members in his life. Since he has no other knowledge, he doesn’t really question the information, but rather takes it as the only truth. He has also never left his hometown village so the only information he knows is the information that pertains his village in particular.

In my opinion this is a very compelling story because one could actually attribute this happy ending to a miracle granted from that saint. However, when looking at this rationally, if the horse was really that badly stuck, there would be no way for the 80+ year old man to take a horse out of a pit. Therefore I must conclude that the horse may not have really been that badly stuck. However, I cannot say that this is certainly true, there may have been a miracle and I could be mistaken. Also, the man may have gotten strength by just thinking that there was an entity out there helping him, so it can also have been a sort of placebo effect. Regardless, I’m very glad that no one was hurt in this incident.