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Suitcases are not allowed on commercial fishing boats.

Fisherman are not allowed to bring suitcases on board. They must bring their property in duffelbags or drybags. If a greenhorn brings a suitcase they must leave it on dock.

My informant has witnessed a greenhorn bring a suit-case and had to leave it at the dock and the greenhorn had to put his items in a trashbag and bring it on. Another example would be The Deadliest Catch filming crew. They brought their cameras and film equipment in cases, the crew reacted negatively thus they had to put their belongings within trash-bags.

When I asked my informant if he had any ideas why this was such a serious rule and why suitcases brought bad luck. He stated that he did not know why, he said that his father told him this superstition and his captain’s father told him this superstition also. This is a superstition based on lineage as everyone fisherman spreads this to greenhorns and fathers to sons. My informant stated that he does not want to be the reason that his boat does not do well or a horrible accident happens. Thus he follows this superstition and only takes his things in duffelbags.

This is an interesting superstition, my belief is that the reasoning it brings bad luck is that a suitcase is more so for a white-color man, whereas fisherman are blue-color men. Thus by separating the two worlds, fisherman will not have bad luck as they follow the culture by not bringing a suitcase.

Suitcases are considered bad luck just like women are. H explained that his father told him this and