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Bir Elin Nesi Var, Iki Elin Sesi Var — Turkish Proverb

Main Piece:  Bir elin nesi var, iki elin sesi var. Transliteration:  What’s wrong with one hand. Full Translation:  Informant: So all this means is um, it means that a person alone can’t do anything. Like one hand alone can’t make sound, but if you have two hands you can clap. And all that means is… Continue Reading »

Ne Ekersen, Onu Bicersin — Turkish Proverb

Main Piece:  Ne ekersen, onu bicersin. Transliteration:  Whatever you plant, you grow it. Full Translation:  It means like whatever you plant— [a friend] explained it better — it’s like whatever you plant, that’s gonna grow. So if you start a relationship bad, then you’re gonna end up with a bad relationship, or if you start… Continue Reading »

Fortune Telling From a Cup of Turkish Coffee

When my friend first read my fortune out of a cooled cup of Turkish coffee, I was told that he saw angels, tigers and trails in my future. He’d been using a Wikipedia article to help him read our fortunes, but he seemed excite to be sharing this experience with me and my other friend,… Continue Reading »