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Respect for your Mother and Father

Informant: “One ‘Ca Dao’ [longer Vietnamese Proverb/poem] that I’ve heard used a lot is Công cha như núi Thái Sơn Nghĩa mẹ như nước trong nguổn chảy ra Môt lòng thờ mẹ kính cha Cho tròn chữ hiểu mới là đạo con This relates to the idea of, I believe in English the word is…… Continue Reading »

Having a successful child is a blessing

Informant: “In Vietnamese culture, there’s this very popular saying which is ‘Con hơn cha là nhà có phúc’ which means, if the child is…This is very loosely translated, but ‘if the child is better than the father, then the house is blessed’. So ‘better’ in terms of not that the father is a bad person,… Continue Reading »

Lotus Flower in the Mud

Informant: “So there are these Vietnamese ‘Ca Dao’ which are almost like these miniature-ish stories or poems. I think the best translation might be ‘proverbs,’ except for the fact that these are typically longer, like four or five sentences long. Anyways, one really well known one is Trong đẩm gì đep bẵng sen Lá xanh… Continue Reading »