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Dragon Boats Legend

Piece It was originally a native tribe holiday. A dragon boat competition. Rowboat? Like rowboats competition, in the beginning of summer and you had lots of special food. After the festival, the weather stays warm. In the old days, China was always a kingdom. This was before China unified to one kingdom. At that time,… Continue Reading »

Michaelmas Festival

Content: Informant – “Every fall, on September 29th, Waldorf schools celebrate Michaelmas Festival to honor Saint Michael defeating the dragon. The 4th grade puts on a play. The play is different from year to year, but the overall plot is the same. A town is besieged by a dragon. A maiden gives herself up to… Continue Reading »

The Golden Dragon

Interviewer: What is being performed? Informant: Folk belief by Crystal Soojung Choi When a Korean mother becomes pregnant with a son, she has a dream that a golden dragon appears to her.   Interviewer: What is the background information about the performance? Why do you know or like this piece? Where or who did you learn… Continue Reading »

Carp and Dragons in Vietnam

There’s a story in Vietnamese mythology that’s similar to the Chinese or Japanese story about the koi fish becoming a dragon. There was an emperor who wanted to create new dragons because dragons bring rain, which helps crops grow. So many animals in the ocean were summoned to have a competition, where they had to… Continue Reading »