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Mexican proverb

Main piece:  “El que mal obra, mal le va”  Transliteration:  He that wrong does, wrong you goes Full translation:  He who does wrong, wrong he does  Background: My informant was my dad. He was born in Mexico City but moved to LA at the age of 15. He brought this proverb up during a conversation… Continue Reading »

Respect for your Mother and Father

Informant: “One ‘Ca Dao’ [longer Vietnamese Proverb/poem] that I’ve heard used a lot is Công cha như núi Thái Sơn Nghĩa mẹ như nước trong nguổn chảy ra Môt lòng thờ mẹ kính cha Cho tròn chữ hiểu mới là đạo con This relates to the idea of, I believe in English the word is…… Continue Reading »

Korean Holidays

This story was told to me by my friend who had come from Korea recently. It was the day right before Seollal and I wanted to know more about how it was celebrated in Korea. He had experienced this tradition every year for all of his life, and he had learned most of what he… Continue Reading »