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“Thầng nào cùng muốn làm cha” Vietnamese Proverb

“Thầng nào cùng muốn làm cha” Transliterated Proverb Thầng: kid, brat (informal and familiar word to refer to a person; people of the same age can call each other this without it being disrespectful unless the disrespect is intended. An older person can call a younger person this without it being inappropriate, or a person… Continue Reading »

“Cây muốn lặng mà gió chẳng chịu đừng” Vietnamese Proverb

“Cây muốn lặng mà gió chẳng chịu đừng” Transliterated Proverb: Cây: tree Muốn: want Lặng: still (motion) Mà: but Gió: wind Chẳng: do not want Chịu: bear (endure) Đừng: stop Full translation: The tree wants to stay still, but the wind refuses to stop Explanation: This proverb is referring to two people. One is the… Continue Reading »

“Don’t Flip the Fish”: Vietnamese Folk Magic

Main Piece: D: When I worked at the train station– that was the very first train station at– the area name is called Cà Ná– that’s the region, the name– so that area has a village, the fishing village, so everybody there goes onto the boats. So you know when you eat fish– you know… Continue Reading »

“Ta về ta tắm ao ta” Vietnamese Proverb

“Ta về ta tắm ao ta” Transliterated proverb: Ta: I, me Về: home Tằm: shower, bath, bathe Ao: pond Full translation: I will return home and bathe in my own pond Explanation: An American equivalent of this proverb would be “There is no place better than home.” Thus, this proverb means the best place is… Continue Reading »