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Looking for Water: Marathi Proverb about Appreciation

Text: AB: “There’s this proverb that my mom says –” “Kakhet kalsa gavala valsa” AB: “– which basically means that you have um a pitcher of water in your hand but you’re looking for water in other places, which I mean happens literally too like how many times do you have glasses on your head… Continue Reading »

Running Faucets for Cramp Relief

Context: I came home one day at the beginning of this year to all of the faucets running and I asked my roommate what was going on and she told me this story. So I asked her to re-tell me why she does it. Piece: So basically, I don’t know where my mom… well let me tell… Continue Reading »

Ritual: Water

Main Piece: “One ritual that my family partakes in is when we go on long trips or vacations. So basically when you leave the home for an extended period of time, someone will throw a cup of water while you’re walking away from your house, so, to the back of your feet kind of” Background: This is a ritual… Continue Reading »