The proverb:

“Ponte Mantequilla”


what this means to the person:

when you’re having a bad day make yourself feel like butter and don’t let anything bad stick on to you. just slip everything off.  My mom used to tell me this when kids would pick on me or when something bad happens. Just put on butter and let everything slip right off.  The informant mentioned that it helped her get through a rough day and also helped her not take things to personally when it came to hearing things from others about her. Signifies how she’s growing up because she used to tell her that when she was a kid and takes it a different ay than it means now


My analysis:

Getting from the context of how slippery butter is, I can see how the person interprets this proverb. I can also see how relevant it is to here in the US. We have a huge bully problem and many kids pick on each other. This proverb helps people not take everything and absorb it.  Butter is also used in many other folkloric manners like for remedies for burns and stomach pain in the Mexico.