The Family Ring

  1. My grandmother gave me an emerald and pearl ring that has been passed down in our family for generations and generations. The ring is shaped unusually square-like and she told me that it protects those who wear it from evil. The ring was always given to the granddaughter on her 18th birthday, and this is when I was given the ring.
  2. My grandmother was given this ring on her 18th birthday as well, from her own grandmother. She was told to keep it safe and give it to her future granddaughter on her 18th birthday. She wore the ring every day after it was given to her, and strongly believes in its powers to ward off evil.
  3. There is no special ceremony or tradition involved when it comes to actually passing down the ring to the next granddaughter. The only condition must be that it is given to the granddaughter on their 18th birthday, but there is no specific time or place involved when it comes to passing down the ring.
  4. I do not know if I personally believe in the ring having supernatural powers, protecting the wearer from evil. But I do think that the ring is beautiful in a unique way and I enjoy wearing it because it reminds me of my grandmother and how important my family is to me. I do not wear it every day only because I am afraid of scratching it, or losing it. It appears to be pretty fancy and extravagant too, so it’s not very practical for me to wear daily. I usually only wear it for special occasions, but I keep it by my side every evening on my bedside table. I will definitely pass it down to my future granddaughter on her 18th birthday to keep the family tradition alive.