The Ghost of Camp Daner – Legend

Text: Long ago there were a group of campers who wanted to take a swim late at night. The campers decided to dive in fully clothed as a test of courage. But when they jumped in and tried to climb out a ghostly hand had grabbed their legs. Before any of the campers were able to escape they were pulled in and drowned. They say to this day the ghost still lingers in camp waiting to drown unsuspecting campers.

Context: “I heard this story during summer camp in New Jersey when I was maybe 10. All of us were sitting around the fire telling scary stories and one of the campers who had been there before told this story.”

Analysis: This legend seems to be your typical ghost story used to scare young camp visitors. Telling ghosts stories is an intriguing folk tradition that has continued for quite some time. It is also special in the fact telling ghost stories is a folk tradition in a variety of cultures and regions. Ghost stories serve as a means for people to bound and share emotions even if it is fear.