Nightwalkers – Legend

Text: Throughout Kenyan villages there are legends of nightwalkers causing turmoil throughout the night. These nightwalkers are believed to be ordinary people who become possessed by spirits or spirits of people who have passed. The nightwalkers typically try to scare people by making noises and throwing objects.

Context: “I heard about nightwalkers when I was still a kid living in Kenya. The kids in my village would tell stories of nightwalkers yelling in the night. I remember my sister would joke and say she’d throw me to the nightwalkers if I was bad.”

Analysis: The legend of the nightwalkers is similar to the western belief in ghosts. It’s likely that the nightwalkers are an explanation for people attempting to play pranks or acting strangely. Despite this the nightwalkers may have some legitimacy as ghosts and possession are seen throughout various cultures and folklore. Regardless of if the legend is true the nightwalkers serve their purpose of providing an interesting story and a ward from children playing at night.