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Armenian Tale: Kikoyi Mahy

Կիկոյի մահը Transliteration: Kikoyi Mahy Translation: Kiko’s Death Description by Informant: There was a poor family who had three girls. All of which were unmarried. One day the dad sent one of the daughters to bring a water from the well nearby. The girl goes to the well and sees a big tree next to… Continue Reading »

Chinese Legend General Zhuge

Note: The form of this submission includes the dialogue between the informant and I before the cutoff (as you’ll see if you scroll down), as well as my own thoughts and other notes on the piece after the cutoff. The italics within the dialogue between the informant and I (before the cutoff) is where and what… Continue Reading »

Legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

“So in 1540, the Spanish arrived in what’s modern day Phoenix. The area was inhabited by Apache Indians who considered the Superstition Mountains the sacred ground of the Thunder God. Coronado, one of the main conquistadors in the area, was in search of a golden city and heard from Apache stories that the mountains did,… Continue Reading »