The Jeepers Creepers House Ghost

The interviewee wishes to remain anonymous, but he is a single father of two daughters, and he currently lives in Southern California. He currently works as a FedEx driver, and he recalls his personal memories of ghosts that he encountered when he was living in Victorville, CA

The interviewer’s initials are denoted through the initials EL, while the interviewee’s responses are noted as LB

EL: I’ve heard from my mom that you have encountered quite a number of ghosts in your lifetime. Can you tell me about them?

LB: This is my story when I bought my new house in Victorville, CA. The address of the haunted house was 11594 Beconia Road, Adelanto, CA 92301. This was the first house that I bought for me and two daughters and when we first moved in, everything was very nice. However, after one year, we started hearing strange noises in the house as if someone was walking on the second floor. One time I was talking to my oldest daughter on the first floor and then suddenly we would hear noises as if someone was walking. I asked her “ Who is here?”

LB’s daughter: “No one, Dad. It’s just you and me! Dad, to be honest, I’ve been hearing these same weird noises everyday for the past year whenever I’m by myself in the house!”

LB: At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this story of her’s because I thought she was making things up and messing with me. Then, when I was living by myself, I started to hear noises as if someone was walking down the stairs. Another time, I came home after a long day at work and I told my two daughters to not walk at night and make noise because I was exhausted. It was around midnight and I thought I heard someone running down the stairs, so I turned on the lights and I walked down the stairs to the first floor of the house to check out the noise. I looked in the kitchen, living room, garage, and there was nothing. At first I thought it was one of my daughters, so I opened the doors and decided to head upstairs to see if it was one of my daughters. At this time, I saw a girl wearing a white gown and she was running fast up the stairs, and then I started chasing her because I was curious as to who this was. I was chasing after this white ghostly girl until she went into my youngest daughter’s room. I went into my youngest daughter’s room and asked her “Hey why are you running around the house? I thought I told you to not make any noise in the house because I’m tired and I want to sleep!”

LB’s daughter #2: “Dad, what the h** are you talking about? I’ve been sleeping this whole time!”

LB: At this time, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a white gown. She was wearing some shorts and a little shirt. I realized it wasn’t her, so I went to my other’s daughter’s room and asked her if she was the one going down the stairs, and she also told me no. I went into my room, but I left the door open and grabbed a shoe because I thought my daughters were messing with me. I was looking out the door just in case, and then I saw that same girl running down the stairs fast, and as soon as I saw her, I jumped out of my bed and I started chasing her again. I once again went downstairs and tried looking for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. This was the first incident. Another time, I came home really late from work. I would say it was 11:30 p.m.. Then, I heard a strong wind noise inside the house. Like “wishhhhh, wishhh, wooosh, wiiishhh”. As if all the windows were open and the wind was coming into the house. I looked, but all the curtains were closed. This was crazy!! I was looking for the open window, but none of the windows were open. I thought to myself, “What the h** is happenning?”, but I was too tired and I didn’t pay too much attention to this and to my room. However, when I was walking up to my bedroom, I noticed that half the house had this crazy wind noise, and the other half was completely calm and quiet. This was the second incident. The third incident happened when I was eating with my girlfriend. I heard a weird noise again as if someone was walking on the second floor and I asked my girlfriend if there was someone else in the house. She told me no one other you and me are in this house. I thought to myself: “How strange!!”. I asked my girlfriend to go check to see if what was making this strange noise, but she was too scared to check. We both contemplated checking the noise, but were both too scared to go check. Then, at night, we finally decided to go up and check out this strange noise, but nobody was there. We checked out the second floor and found that this small door in the laundry that led to the attic was open. “It was scary!” A couple days later, I noticed that my daughter was looking weird. She confessed that she had been hearing weird noises all over the house: her room, my room, and her sister’s room. She claimed that the noises once again sounded like someone was walking or watching her. One time, she was combing her hair and she saw a shadow come out of my room. She thought that if she could ignore the shadows, they wouldn’t bother her. However, one time, she turned around and the shadow was right behind her, but it turned into a figure of a man with wings and horns on his head and then he started to crawl down the stairs. She said it resembled the creature from Jeepers Creepers. This ghost started to bother my daughter and probably possessed her because sometimes she would suddenly start talking like a man. I tried to find a priest, pastor, or anyone who would come to the house to bless it to help my daughter, but no one wanted to come because no one knew us at the time. One day, I decided to go to church and I met a friend at church, and I told this friend about the ghost possessions. Then, one day, this friend brought 13-14 other people and a pastor to my house to help me and pray. When all these people started to pray, the house started to let out weird creaking noises from the wall, and it seemed like the house was going to fall apart because the wood was creaking and weird ghostly noises were coming out of the wall. Then, my daughter suddenly started pointing and hitting these girls who came to pray and claimed that they were bad and that she knew what bad things they were doing, and that karma would come hurt them if they didn’t stop. I knew this was legit because my daughter’s eyes were closed and she somehow knew which girls she was talking about. She also possessed characteristics of someone who was possessed. After praying for awhile, the noise died down, and everything became normal. The pastor then told me to not let the devil into the house anymore and to do more good deeds. I have since moved out of that house, but I have talked to the current house owners and they told me that ever since I have moved out, 4 families have already moved in and out within 3 months because they can’t stand it. These families also had weird things happen to them where windows and doors would randomly open. This is what happened to me and this was very scary!


This story was extremely scary and as I was listening to him tell this story, I could feel the creeps going up my body. Also, this guy claims that he has the ability to see ghosts and attract ghosts because he also told me another story about a more recent ghost encounter. In the more recent ghost encounter, it was also similar to this story where he moved to a new house and there were weird noises and occurrences that happened to him and his family.  Also, since he is religious and believes in God and prays, I personally feel like he wouldn’t lie about this story. Most importantly, the ideas of being good and not doing bad deeds such as cursing, lying, etc, seem to play an important role in this story that stand as the key for warding off all bad entities such as ghosts.